Hulk Central Smashdown

Hulk Central Smashdown 1.0

A free action game featuring Marvel’s Incredible Hulk character
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Hulk Central Smashdown is a free action game. This game, featuring Marvel’s Incredible Hulk character, can be played online on Marvel’s site.
In Hulk Central Smashdown, you will control Hulk, the main character. Your goal is to destroy as many robotic enemies as you can, jumping on them to crush them. If you miss your enemies, they will come near you and hurt you. You can check your health status by looking at the health bar that appears on the screen. When it reaches zero, Hulk will become Dr. Bruce Banner again, and the game will be over.

You will move Hulk using the mouse. In order to jump, you need to keep your mouse’s left button pressed. You will descend as soon as you release that button. You will also be able to grab some power-ups and string combos along the way.

Since this game was meant to be played online, you will not be able to enter your name and password to play it - you will need to press the "Skip" button. However, you can still use this offline version to send a link to the online game to any email address, if you are connected to the Internet.

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